light bulb

A webcam stares down on seven 
people huddled together on the 
cement floor of a tiny square (8x8) 
room.  Four walls, a floor, a ceiling 
and no exit.  The room is glaringly 
lit by one bare bulb.

Staring up at the dangling bulb,


TRINKET (19) recites from memory:
"Well, after such a fall as this, I shall
think nothing of tumbling down stairs!
How brave they'll all think me at
home! Why, I wouldn't say anything
about it, even if I fell off the
top of the house!"

The webcam zeros in on "Trinket",

as she fights back tears, "Down,
down, down. Would the fall never
come to an end? I wonder how many
miles I've fallen by this time?"

As Trinket's voice fades to a whisper,

the cold & tiny room becomes 
very, very quiet.

ADDISON (44), looking 
handsome and terribly out 
of place dressed in his tux, is 
seated beneath the webcam.  
He interrupts the quiet with 
his best Addison Dewitt 
imitation (you know - from 
All About Eve), "Our Trinket is 
reciting something from her
favorite childhood tale, 
Alice in Wonderland."

Addison continues,

"Trinket will go on and on like that for what
will seem like forever and ever. It
is not important that you hear what
she says. It is, however, important
that you know WHERE you are and WHY
you are here...

paradise lost

This box with no doors
and no windows is at the
end of a long, long road.
It is the place at the bottom 
of our rabbit hole."